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From Nick Faiz <>
Subject Re: upgrade nlog4j
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2005 14:17:11 GMT
This sounds like a good move, as far as handling dependency madness  
goes. It works quite well in apacheds/trunk/project.xml right now.

It'd be even better if we could have a parent POM above that, for all  
of the projects.

Anyway, we can discuss this further tomorrow.


On 07/09/2005, at 12:06 AM, Enrique Rodriguez wrote:

> Nick Faiz wrote:
>> Hi Emmanuel,
>> Yes, I see your point now. Sorry, I had thought that nlog4j was  
>> only  listed as a dependency in the project.xml on the apacheds  
>> trunk.  After running a grep I can see that it is in ASN and in  
>> quite a few  places within standalone.
>> I had thought you were talking about versioning problems in  
>> general  when you added your comment previously to DIREVE-242.
>> Well, this problem is simply going to keep increasing, as you  
>> have  pointed out.
>> Do you agree with a maven goal that will scan the project  
>> structure  for dependency clashes? Any alternative ideas for  
>> controlling version  havoc?
> We could flatten the entire svn layout and put common deps like  
> nlog in a parent POM and multiproject it.  I'm only half kidding.   
> We could probably flatten in a couple places and gain most of the  
> benefit.
> Just yesterday I put the nlog4j dependency in the parent POM of the  
> OSGi bundles in standalone, which has a flat structure, and removed  
> the dependency from any child POMs.  So that reduces by about 10  
> the number of instances.  You may need to 'svn up' to see a  
> reduction in the "quite a few places within standalone" that you  
> mention.
> Enrique

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