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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject Re: [mina] Upgrading from Netty 2.1 to Mina
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2005 14:38:07 GMT
Hello Oscar,

2005/9/14, Oscar Herrera <>:
>  So basically we have 2 approaches to solve this issue: modify Netty 
> classes trying to link each client application with one channel (with all 
> the considerations this might lead), or upgrading Netty by Mina. So here is 
> where my question arises, have any one have any experience like this or know 
> if the latest version of Mina might solve this issue?. Actually the answer 
> to this question is very important because of the time each approach might 
> take, so we'd like to have some confidence about the way we decide to 
> proceed to give a solution to this issue.

I bet you *have to* migrate to MINA. MINA is more widely tested and event 
order is not reproduced anymore.

BTW did you use SimpleEventDispatcher for Netty2? You'll have to use 
OrderedEventDispatcher instead if you did. OrderedEventDispatcher should 
dispatch events in right order.

Thanks for your support,
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