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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject Re: MINA
Date Mon, 12 Sep 2005 01:38:40 GMT
Hi Thomas,

2005/9/9, Thomas Muller <>:
> Sorry for the intrusion - just wanted to give my praise to MINA - what a
> fantastic API! Definately the best I've seen since Dough Lea's Concurrency
> API.

Thank you for your encouragement. :) 

I already made a generic TCP/IP session API that helps implementing
> request/response based protocols (with sequence Ids) - MINA fitted in very
> nicely. In the future I might extend MINA itself with this functionality,
> but for the time being it was easiest the use MINA in the implementation
> sections (i.e. further down the inheritance tree). For starters, I can see
> there will be a problem with extending the MINA sessions (in a 
> non-intrusive
> manner) since there are no SessionFactory classes.

Can I see how you implemented it so that I can merge the feature into MINA? 

I appreciate that MINA is still in a pre 1.0 release, but if I may make a
> suggestion, the SocketConnector class should be extended to handle SOCKS 
> and
> SSL over SOCKS.

Could you explain about SOCKS support on SocketConnector? I don't know how 
it can be integrated to SocketConnector. But I think we can implement SOCKS 
support as a filter just like we did to support SSL.

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