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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] Moving to JDK 5.0
Date Sat, 24 Sep 2005 04:41:20 GMT
Brett Porter wrote:

>This sounds worth investigating.
>Another thing to consider might be what impact this will have on
>Geronimo's directory integration - I assume they are supporting 1.4.
Yeah just checked with them about this on the Geronimo list.  I think we 
better find a way to stick to JDK 1.4 at least with respect to the core 
which is the primary part that is embedded.

Basically for SASL we need (hopefully) to only change a single class, 
BindHandler, which is actually pluggable.  If Jacob's suggestion can be 
used then we're good to go and our only concern is SSL.  However with 
with SASL our IESG security requirements are met and we can say the 
server is LDAPv3 compative while on JDK 1.4.

So what does this mean WRT a move to JDK 1.4.  Well let me just say this 
... everybody I know and their grandmother contacted me or someone on 
this team about the potential move to 5.0.  It's making lots of people 
freak out.  We really need to think about every possible means to stay 
compatible with 1.4.


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