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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject Re: [OT] Schema restrictions within eDirectory
Date Sat, 17 Sep 2005 15:04:48 GMT

Thanks for your answer. The problem is not the set of attributes within 
the person class, but the rules that apply for RDN creation.

To give an example:
I am able to create this entry within my brand new eDirectory

dn: cn=Stefan Zoerner,dc=labeo,dc=de
cn: Stefan Zoerner
sn: Zoerner
objectClass: Top
objectClass: Person

But not this entry

dn: sn=Zoerner,dc=labeo,dc=de
cn: Stefan Zoerner
sn: Zoerner
objectClass: Top
objectClass: Person

Creation causes a naming violation. Person seems only to allow cn as 
RDN. This leads me to the problem that I am not able to test an 
operation like this (after adding the first entry)

dn: cn=Stefan Zoerner,dc=labeo,dc=de
changetype: modrdn
newrdn: sn=Zoerner
deleteoldrdn: 0

Because this causes a naming violation as well (the product is very 
consistent). For my tests it is not that important, whether the object 
class is person or something else. I just need an object class, where it 
is possible to choose different attribute types for the RDN. And all 
object classes in the eDirectory default schema I tried had the same 
problem as person (with other attribute types, eg. o for organization 
but it was always only one allowed).

Greetings, Stefan

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