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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject Interceptors and LDAP operations
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2005 19:40:42 GMT
This is a question regarding the list of operations in the interface 
Interceptor (org.apache.ldap.server.interceptor).

I was wondering why it does not contain all LDAP operations (namely 
extended and compare are missing). E.g. if I would like to implement 
audit logs (e.g. for performance analysis), a natural idea would be to 
create an AuditInterceptor. But I can't create audit logs on an LDAP 
operation basis that way. I also noticed that these operations are not 
included in the ContextPartition interface as well (here extended ops 
make perhaps not that much sense ...).

How is it planned to implement Controls or a custom extended operation? 
An interceptor would be an option, but it is probably difficult to 
implement rules like "this request control may be sent along with ops 
x,y and z", if the original ops do not map to the life cycle of the 

Or is it intended to plug a controls component near the handlers of the 
LDAP operations (e.g. CompareHandler in org.apache.ldap.server.protocol).

I am just curious ... Thanks in advance,

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