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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: dynamic schema support
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2005 03:40:57 GMT
Norbet Reilly wrote:

> Thanks very much for taking the time to address my query! Some 
> comments inline...

> On 9/7/05, *Alex Karasulu* < 
> <>> wrote:
>     Norbet Reilly wrote:

>     > I notice the addition of AddContextPartitionConfiguration in
>     ApacheDS
>     > 0.9.2, but I'm not sure hwo to configure its use via an ApacheDS
>     > configuration file (or even if it is indeed the answer to my
>     problems).
>     Nah this is something else totally.  It's for dynamically adding and
>     removing partitions after system startup.
> Ultimately there will be some linkage as the dynamically added 
> partition will need to inform the DS core of some of its features, but 
> of course that isn't relevant until the pathway for this information 
> is known ;-)
Yes good point I did not think of that.

>     > Failing that the only other approach I can think of is to get the
>     > startup infrastructure to create a back-end InitialContext very
>     early
>     > so that my custom partition is queried for its schema just after the
>     > bootstrap schemas are processed, which sounds a very
>     experimental path
>     > to follow.
>     Yeah you're not in a very good situation actually.  There really
>     is no
>     clean way to solve your problem.  We just need to implement the Schema
>     subsystem properly.  You interested in giving that a try?
> I'm working as a permanent employee currently, so I might need to come 
> up with a short term solution initially (assuming that is possible). 
> Once I've read the RFC more thoroughly and formed of picture in my 
> mind of the work required, then I may consider asking my employer for 
> permission to work on the schema subsystem. While there is mutual 
> benefit, and assuming the amount of work required is not enormous, 
> I've got a fairly good chance of a favourable response.
> I should also mention that my interested in DS is to act as an 
> intermediate proxy between an existing C++ client and a directory, 
> where there is a strong focus on avoiding (or at least minimising) 
> changes to client. Thinking about it, supporting the RFC 3672 stuff 
> would most probably mean zero change to the client.
> Do you have any rough idea of a) the design and b) the amount of time 
> you guess it would take you to come up with a solution (I'd double it 
> at least, given my very limited exposure to the DS codebase/architecture).
Well I have not fully thought of it yet.  I am busy right now 
implementing the subentry RFC (3672).  Next I will move on to collective 
attributes (3671) to test the functionality in the subentry code.  Then 
I will work on adding X.501 defined ACIs with some other folks here.  
After this I think it's time to attack the schema issues.  However 
someone can work the schema code in parallel with us after this week 
when the subentry code is complete and tested.

>     > Note that attempting to refresh the schema via JXplorer never
>     seems to
>     > have any effect (I imagine that somewhere in the server it is
>     assumed
>     > that there are only bootstrap schemas).
>     You guessed right ... schema is static on startup.
>     >
>     > Any guidance would be very much appreciated!
>     Sorry can't really give you a better way here other than to build out
>     the schema subsystem so it can support your needs.  This means just
>     implementing it properly.  There is no other trick we can use at
>     the moment.
>     Alex
> Thanks again for taking time to answer my query.

Glad to see your interest.  Hope to see you contribute one day.


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