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From Enrique Rodriguez <>
Subject Re: upgrade nlog4j
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2005 15:48:38 GMT
Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
>>We could flatten the entire svn layout and put common deps like nlog in 
>>a parent POM and multiproject it.  I'm only half kidding.  We could 
>>probably flatten in a couple places and gain most of the benefit.
> Hmmm... Seems to be a good idea. Plus the fact that it could help the
> integration in Eclipse ;)
> We should do it for some very common jars like :
>  - nlog4j
>  - junit
>  - commons-lang

I'm all for totally flattening it, as this is the best practice for 
OSGi, as evidenced by the repos for Eclipse and Knopflerfish and 
discussions in the last two weeks on Eclipse Equinox and Apache Felix 
mailing lists.  But, I was expecting push-back, so I was more thinking 
of just cleaning up by maven groupId, resulting in 5-6 multiproject'ed 
groups.  For example, protocol providers all have the deps:
- nlog4j
- junit
- mina

So, really this just affects protocols, shared, and maybe standalone.

This applies best for the OSGi bundles since they have the most deps:
- ldap-common    (org.apache.ldap.common.filter.ExprNode)
- apacheds-core  (org.apache.ldap.server.configuration.Configuration)
- antlr          (antlr.TokenStreamException)
- nlog4j
- junit
- osgi-framework
- osgi-service
- osgi-util
- servicebinder
- maven-osgi-plugin

Those first 3 we can probably remove someday.  They occur due to bad 
encapsulation, but that's another thread (I made a quick note of the 
offending class).


> Those libraries count for 30% of all the dependencies of all ApacgeDS
> projects
>>Just yesterday I put the nlog4j dependency in the parent POM of the OSGi 
>>bundles in standalone, which has a flat structure, and removed the 
>>dependency from any child POMs.  So that reduces by about 10 the number 
>>of instances.  You may need to 'svn up' to see a reduction in the "quite 
>>a few places within standalone" that you mention.
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