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Subject Re: [Mina] JMX instrumentation
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2005 10:07:25 GMT
> That's sound very interesting :)
> I'm working on implementing a fail-over service and replication on my
> MINA bassed server, and I need to monitor some parameters (different
> MINA Protocol stacks status, CPU usage , free RAM and dozen of custom
> parameters) for triggering a service migration (killing the running
> service on the main server and start the service on the backup server).
> I'm really new to JMX instrumentation but i think it could really help
> me, so I'm willing to help to get it into Mina.
> Julien

JMX is really simple, as you will notice.

I need counters providing qualitative and quantitative information 
about server

A first good data would be the time a SessionManager is idle (blocked on Then, workTime = lifeTime - idleTime (I don't know if
vocabulary is the more appropriate one) This workTime is valuable for


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