OK, I piled this to JIRA to make the core to support JDK 1.3. With BIO support, we could make MINA run in JDK 1.3.


2005/8/8, Julien Vermillard <jvermillard@archean.fr>:
Le jeudi 04 août 2005 à 09:31 +0800, flyingbug a écrit :
> hi,devs,
>  I want to migrate MINA to JDK1.3.
>  I heard about that someone in France ported MINA to embedded Java
> platform AFAIK.
>  Can i get your help?


I use MINA for embedded software, but I use a modified (read I removed
all the useless things) 1.5 JRE. I think it's really hard to port MINA
to jdk 1.3 without NIO and ByteBuffer. It's perhaps doable using bio and
a replacement for bytebuffer (I think there is an implementation for pre
1.4 JDK around).


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