Hi Stefan,

2005/8/4, Stefan Zoerner <SZOERNER@de.ibm.com>:
There is no hint in the documentation (or at least I did not find any) for this. Is it planned not to support the *.properties variant any longer? I found it much easier to maintain.

That XML configuration file is actually a Spring Beans XML file.  It just demonstrates how to create your StartupConfiguration instance.  You can use the XML as you wish, but I suggest you to use your own configuration file format and create an instance of StartupConfiguration from it to hide internal ApacheDS configuration that should not be accessed by users if you're emedding ApacheDS.

Another topic: I asked Kirill Kovalenko (Product Manager Softerra LLC) whether it is possible to add server detection for ApacheDS to their LDAP Browser/Adminstrator product. For those of you who don't know this program: It displays the LDAP server product / vendor in the properties dialog. Not a very important feature, but from my point of view it looks more professional if the client displays a correct information instead of "Vendor is unknown or impossible to detect" (0.9.1 and LDAP Administrator 3.2). Kirill told me that they will at support ADS in the version; which is quite easy because the vendorName attribute is provided in the Root DSE. You might add the vendorVersion attribute to allow an even more detailed message.

Could you please file this issue to JIRA so that we can track it?

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