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From Alex Burmester <>
Subject mina: deploy on 0.7.4 or later?
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2005 02:40:44 GMT
Hi all, 

I have a production mina app deployed on 0.7.3
We do releases about once a month and and I probably have two releases 
left before we code freeze for the christmas season.

I'm wondering if I should be trying to stick with the 0.7 branch and
upgrade to 0.7.4 on my next release or if I should start the migration to 
the new api in the 0.9 mina.

I'd prefer to go with whichever is likely to be the most stable and so far 
0.7 has been working fine for us but I don't want to fall too far behind 
the current development.

I also seem to be running into a memory leak with java.nio.HeapByteBuffer
and it might be the same thing that was reported with the wrap() call.
I'll have to go look at the docs since there's a reference to something 
about wrap() in the issue tracker.



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