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From Marc Boorshtein <>
Subject Re: Client library
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2005 01:01:22 GMT
Yes you can use JNDI for most things.  The point of my (too long
running now) rant is that JNDI has a funamental flaw in that it tries
to abstract a pretty basic protocol for the sake of other directory
like protocols and has failed miserably.  I don't know anyonw who uses
JNDI for anything beyond LDAP and as an over grown Hashmap performing
lookups from inside of app servers for things like EJBs, JDBC
connections, Message Queues and Message Topics....  The only use case
I've seen where this isn't the case is it's built in kerberos support,
but I know of only one implementation of it.  It's simply a poorly
designed system for it's goals.  Did JNDI go through the JCP?  It came
out pretty early so maybe not.  It's an over engineered system with a
lot of short commings that about 80%-95% of applications may never run


On 8/2/05, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:
> > You don't need a booster pack to use any ldap functionality.
> > You may need it for very specific stuff, but it's not a requirement,
> > even when doing heavy usage of ldap client coding.
> I have experienced this need of a booster pack two years ago on a
> project where we tested Sun JNDI impl and IBM JNDI impl. Novell JLdap
> saved us (from x4 to x10 on performances). It really depends on which
> kind of usage you target your ldap server.
> I may say that for 95% of application, JNDI will be good enough.
> But when you have 10 000 users login between 9AM and 9:15 am ...
> Emmanuel

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