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From Marc Boorshtein <>
Subject Re: Client library
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 22:36:44 GMT
Yes, that is the primary benefit.  The downside is that it tries to be
a "JDBC" for the directory world, in which it does not do well. 
Seemingly straight forward tasks such as re binding on a connection
are more difficult then they need to be.  The same is true with using
the Compare operation.  My other major bief is that is abstracts away
the error messages so you can't get the exact error code.  Finally
even though it trys to be a "JDBC", you end up having to use protocol
specific implementations for anything more then the most basic tasks,
which eliminates the benefit of having a single interface for all
directory-like protocols.  It also has some incredibly stupid rules
around socket factories that have been quite limmiting for me in the

Can you do everything with JNDI that you need in 99% of applications? 
Sure.  But it really depends on how well you know the LDAP protocol
and how willing you are to deal with the oddities of JNDI.  I
personally have found it to be an overweight setup for most work I do.

A perfect example is the DSMLV2 JNDI provider.  To perform the not too
entirely difficult act of generating and parsing XML you needed:
1.  mail.jar
2.  activation.jar
3.  bp.jar
4.  the dsmlv2 provider jar

And even then you couldn't simply cast the provider to an ldap
context, even though DSMLv2 is "LDAP in Drag" as I once heard someone
from Novell call it.  (This is why JLDAP provides the ability to use a
DSMLv2 & SPML based connection in the same way as you would an LDAP
connection for synchronouse operations).

Forgive my little rant :-)


On 8/2/05, David Boreham <> wrote:
> Nick Faiz wrote:
> > JNDI has worked for me so far. I like it because it's out of the box,
> > so to speak, in the jdk. :)
> Actually that is a benefit of JNDI, and the reason I used it in a recent
> project.
> I can't say I found the experience pleasant though ;)

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