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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject Re: Using Eve as a proxy to an existing LDAP server - Interceptor HOW-TO
Date Fri, 12 Aug 2005 04:00:31 GMT

2005/8/11, Jérôme Baumgarten <>:
> In this PowerPoint presentation
> (
> ),
> I've read that it is possible to use Eve as a proxy to an existing
> LDAP server.

Yes, you can. There is an interface called 'ContextPartition' that you can 
implement. You could implement it to work as a proxy to other LDAP server.

The second step is a bit more complicated but it seems that with some
> coding that should be possible. To make that off-the-shelf application
> work my own LDAP using custom model and schema, I would need to be
> able to "catch" incoming requests and under some conditions
> re-evaluate search to return the correct results. According to that
> same presentation, I believe that I should go for the Interceptor. Is
> there any information available out there to help me deal with it ?

You can generate ApacheDS schema classes from LDAP schema file using a Maven 
plugin we've created. And of course you can configure ApacheDS to load them 
when it starts up.

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