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From Nick Faiz <>
Subject Re: Only 'uid=admin,ou=system' can initiate the first run.
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2005 08:28:28 GMT
Hi Stefan,

Stefan Zoerner wrote:
> Thank you for the hint, Nick. I mavened this goal and although I had 
> some problems with the Windows "shellscript" (horrible technology), it 
> worked.

Feel free to improve the .bat file. :) It does need a little work put 
into it before it can mirror its shell counterpart.

> Is it planned to offer this version to end users (pre-build)? I'm 
> thinking of people who just want to get a first glimpse and do not want 
> to have any trouble. Compare it to Tomcat: Just a ZIP/tgz, unpack/zip 
> it, go to bin, and start it up. I think it is very near to this.

We missed the window for it for 0.9.2 . We need to set up a maven goal 
which builds a standalone version that includes licensing information, 
documentation, etc..

We'll do something like it for 0.9.3 which includes everything needed.

> Related to this is a question to the site: Currently, the download link 
> points to, which was last updated 
> in May. Newcomers will think the current version of ApacheDS is 0.9. I 
> would like if it's pointing to some URL, which reflects the current 
> development (e.g., or 
> (probably better) copy at least the releases to the position linked from 
> the website.

Good point. Perhaps one of the committer's can fix the problem. :)

  > Thanks for thinking about end users first contact with Apache DS.
> Greetings, Stefan (still in first contact, I confess)

No problem - thanks for wanting the standalone module to be functional. 
If you have any ideas for it let this list know.


> Nick Faiz wrote:
>> Hi Stefan,
>> There is a standalone configuration which doesnt require that a
>> server.xml be passed in on the command line - it defaults to using the
>> standard one if no argument is present. It can be built using the
>> standalone maven goal in the main module.
>> Cheers,
>> Nick


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