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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject Schema Validation in Apache DS
Date Sun, 21 Aug 2005 17:41:32 GMT
Hi all!

Currently I work on test cases for modify operations.  In 0.9.1 I am 
able to add arbitrary attributes (even fantasy ones, which are not in 
the schema), remove required attributes and so on. I was even able to 
remove the RDN attribute of an entry.

Am I  right that currently no schema validation is done during 
modifications on entries? Or is it a configuration error (some 
interceptor missing)?
There is two JIRA issues (DIR-EVE 52, 71) on this topic. Are there 
already plans for implementation?
 Should I create testcases independently of the current development 
status in this area? I would suggest to, because we can use these tests 
in order to verify the implementation of the schema checking, if it is 
done ...

Besides that, deletion of the RDN of an entry really caused some 
trouble: You can create entries which are invisible for a client after 
such an operation, but still present in the partition. 

1. Create entry "ou=playground,dc=apache,dc=org"
2. Create person entry "cn=Tori Amos,ou=playground,dc=apache,dc=org" 
(poor Tori again)
3. Remove attribute cn from person entry with a modify operation (which 
does not fail).

The entry "cn=Tori Amos,ou=playground,dc=apache,dc=org" is no longer 
visible to a client.
(Re-)Creation of "cn=Tori Amos,ou=playground,dc=apache,dc=org" fails 
("Already exists.")
Deletion of "ou=playground,dc=apache,dc=org" fails ("Context not empty.").

I think this problem has nothing to do with the missing schema 
validation (although cn is required in person), so it deserves a JIRA 
issue on its own. Should I open one?

Thanks for your advice, Stefan

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