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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: Protocol test suite
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2005 15:21:51 GMT
Stefan Zoerner wrote:

> Hi Alex!
> Yes, I am interested. I will create a small suite as a suggestion for 
> the structure and will submit it to JIRA for your review (I hope until 
> end of week).
> I am not sure, whether JNDI is the right choice here, but I suggest to 
> start with it, because then there is no dependency other than JUnit 
> and JSE.

+1 to that.

> I think it is not necessary to create hundreds of test cases. The most 
> typical ones for each operation should be fine for the beginning.

We can gradually add more as time progresses.  Also I would like to make 
this into a subproject of the directory project since it should 
essentially be independent of apacheds although the integration tests 
will be applied to apacheds before each release. 

> Having "special cases" in it would make it difficult to run it against 
> different LDAP solutions. 

Absolutely I concur.  This testsuite should be defined generally for 
LDAP and not be trying to test LDAP'isms specific to ApacheDS.  We 
should also incidentally use a common example DIT for the test data.

> From my point of view, the test suite should concentrate on the 
> functionality which is undisputable among the different vendors. 


> Because of my book project I have a nice collection of servers here 
> including orchid species like eDirectory and Tivoli. And Active 
> Directory as well, although the test license will expire soon. No big 
> loss at all ;-)


> Anyway, I would like to run the suite against all major solutions just 
> to be sure that we check common sense.
Right its also a good control for ApacheDS to check its operation 
against other directories.

> Alex Karasulu wrote:


Incidentally I'd just like to say that this project is just as important 
as apacheds is.  Why? ApacheDS is useless unless it operates correctly.  
A formal protocol test suite will make sure of that. 

Thanks again,

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