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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject Protocol test suite
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2005 21:38:20 GMT
Hi Alex!

Yes, I am interested. I will create a small suite as a suggestion for 
the structure and will submit it to JIRA for your review (I hope until 
end of week).
I am not sure, whether JNDI is the right choice here, but I suggest to 
start with it, because then there is no dependency other than JUnit and JSE.

I think it is not necessary to create hundreds of test cases. The most 
typical ones for each operation should be fine for the beginning. Having 
"special cases" in it would make it difficult to run it against 
different LDAP solutions. From my point of view, the test suite should 
concentrate on the functionality which is undisputable among the 
different vendors. Because of my book project I have a nice collection 
of servers here including orchid species like eDirectory and Tivoli. And 
Active Directory as well, although the test license will expire soon. No 
big loss at all ;-) Anyway, I would like to run the suite against all 
major solutions just to be sure that we check common sense.

Greetings from Hamburg,

Alex Karasulu wrote:

> Stefan Zoerner wrote:
>> Hi Alex!
>> Thank you for the fast fix. I rebuilded the server and the LDIF 
>> defect as described in DIREVE-216 disappeared. Great.
>> Thank you as well for integrating my little test case. I will use 
>> your modified (and more accurate, ctx.close() ...) class as a 
>> blueprint for simular situations in the future.
> No thanks to you an Ugo I was able to isolate the problem.  Oh and yes 
> this format for test cases would help greatly because it enables me to 
> start the server in the test case, then execute the SUN JNDI test 
> code.  This way the test is standalone and hands free: maven will not 
> choke if it does not fine a server running at a specific port which is 
> never guarranteed to be present.
>> Currently I test all examples of my book against Apache Directory 
>> Server. I have to finish the book until mid September, therefore I 
>> must concentrate on the book (and my main job, unfortuantly). It 
>> would be more interesting for me to learn more about your server. 
>> Maybe it is possible to share your slides of the ApacheCon with us 
>> after the conference?
> Sure they should be made available.   Well testing the server as you 
> are doing is valueble.  This is what will weed out the bugs.  As you 
> find them I'll do my best to kill the bugs.
>> Test cases integrated in the project and its build are nice. But I 
>> think it would also interesting to have a test suite which runs the 
>> complete JNDI functionality against an arbitrary LDAP server (e.g. 
>> Apache Directory Server) and has no dependency on ApacheDS. Maybe it 
>> is possible to integrate this suite in the build later on like a 
>> black box test ...
> That would be great!  A protocol test suite is something I've been 
> looking for for ages.  Finally I thought we'd just have to build one.  
> If you are interested in this you have my full support.  We can 
> regression test the server right before every release this way.
> Thanks again Stefan,
> Alex

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