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From Ugo Cei <>
Subject [LDAP] Adding a value to an attribute
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2005 14:58:38 GMT

I am experimenting with version 0.9 of Directory Server and while  
using it with Novell's JLDAP client library, I found what might be a  
bug. I am trying to implement something similar to this example:  
<>. The first time I run the code, everything  
seems to be OK, but if I try to add another member to the group, I  
would expect the "uniqueMember" attribute to have one more value, in  
addition to the first one. What happens instead is that the old value  
is overwritten by the new one and so my group always has just one  
member. In other words, doing something like:

             LDAPAttribute member = new LDAPAttribute("uniqueMember",  
             LDAPModification mod = new LDAPModification 
(LDAPModification.ADD, member);
             lc.modify(groupDN, mod);

behaves as if LDAPModification.REPLACE was specified instead of ADD.  
Is this a bug in DS or am I doing something wrong? I also searched in  
JIRA but could not find anything relevant.

     Thanks in Advance,


Ugo Cei
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