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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: Protocol Testsuite: Mission Statement (Proposal)
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2005 23:08:10 GMT
> Are the sources for the proxy GUI already in the Apache DS svn?  It may also 
> be interesting in integration tasks, e.g. for research if someone fails 
> to integrate an LDAP server in a middleware, because the latter is 
> poorly documentated. Have you ever thought about offering it in the 
> client section of the Apache Directory Project?

It's not in the client section, as it's in the sandbox !

This is very disgusting code, but it works.

It's quite easy to use, you just have to launch MainFrame with three
parameters : the listening port, the LDAP server host and port.

I must admit that it bloody need some packaging, but it met my needs
when I used it : testing the new ASN1 codec.

> Yes, I thought about JMeter as well. Especially because it gives us 
> remote JMeter engines on different machines for heavy load tests. Nice 
> task for my little test center here (I collect old Sun workstations 
> ...). But first I would like to complete the test cases for the little 
> test suite. 

You are perfectly correct. As soon as tests are completed, it will be a
piece of cake to integrate them in JMeter

> JNDI biggest advantage will be that Alex can integrate theme 
> easily in the sercer test suite (at least If we find a way to do this 
> wothout copying to much code). 

Don't forget to mention that they are helpfull to debug the code ;)

> Thank you to welcome me aboard. The more users we have, the more helping 
> hands will appear. This is why I am so interested in improving end  user 
> experience (and this starts with standard compliance and includes 
> documentation, which I am also interested to contribute). If a user 
> fails to use the server (e.g. because his/her clients refuse to work 
> correctly with it), s/he will choose another ... .

The good point is that there are not a lot of candidates out there ;-) 

>  Bye, Stefan
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