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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [LDAP] Adding a value to an attribute
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2005 16:45:43 GMT
Hi Ugo,

> I am experimenting with version 0.9 of Directory Server 

It may be a good thing to switch to 0.9.2, just to check if the bug
still occurs. Maybe is it already the version you are using?


> What happens instead is that the old value  
> is overwritten by the new one and so my group always has just one  
> member. In other words, doing something like:
>              LDAPAttribute member = new LDAPAttribute("uniqueMember",  
> dn);
>              LDAPModification mod = new LDAPModification 
> (LDAPModification.ADD, member);
>              lc.modify(groupDN, mod);
> behaves as if LDAPModification.REPLACE was specified instead of ADD.  
> Is this a bug in DS or am I doing something wrong? I also searched in  
> JIRA but could not find anything relevant.

May be you should add a relevant new issue in JIRA ? ;-)

And it would be very kind if you could add a testcase, it saves time !!!

>      Thanks in Advance,
>          Ugo

You're welcome ! Thank YOU, who is spending time using apacheds and
finding some bugs ...


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