Hi Alex,

2005/7/13, Alex Burmester <adb@plushpix.com>:
Hi Trustin, I have built a protocol router on top of mina
and it generally runs very well.

I have found that when I fire up about 100 threads and pound on it with my
load testing client that I do get a few lost packets that never make it to
the mina server process.  I did a tcpdump and found that the server
machine is issuing tcp resets on the packets that are not showing up.
Not sure why yet.  I assume that it's some tcp parameters I need to bump
up on the linux box but I thought I would check with you to see if there
are any tunable parameters in the mina framework or in the jvm that you
know of that I should check.
Well, are you using MINA 0.7.3?  Please try to upgrade to 0.7.3 if you're using an older version.  You can configure all socket parameters by calling IoSession.getConfig() and downcasting the returned object into SocketSessionConfig.  To configure ServerSocketChannel, you'll have to upgrade to 0.9 for now.
Please let me know the result after you upgrade to 0.7.3.
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