Hi Matteo,

2005/7/3, Matteo Merli <matteo.merli@gmail.com>:
Hi I'm starting the development of an application from scratch using
mina as the underlying network framework.. I've seen that the current
branches are "0.7" and "trunk"..
I've also noted that there are API differences between those branches
(like ProtocolProvider that is not present in trunk).
So my question is: what branch should I took and work on? Considers
that I don't have to ship the application right now cause it's in
early stage of development.. so which branch will be used for the
"next" version of mina?
0.9 has better API design, but there's few documentation that describes the changes from 0.7 stream.  So you'll has to ask here until we create the documentation.
I suggest you to try 0.9 if the development is in a very early stage.  I believe we can ship the first 0.9 release in the near future.
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