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Subject [mina] MINA server design question
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2005 14:18:16 GMT

What I am trying to implement is, provide a MINA server. The MINA server
will be client of a  third party TCP/IP socket milage server that serves
milage calculation. It accepts TCP/IP socket requests in ASCII form on
multiple ports. The way it works is, client opens a connection, it confirms
that connection is ok. Then client send milage calculation request and it
sends multi-line response. The connection between client(in this case MINA
server) and milage server never gets disconnected. On that open connection
it keeps serving. The reason it does that is to avoid cost of opening a

Now in the attached code I've done some POC. It is a mixture of sumup and
reverse example. As you can see that it opens a new connection for every
request. Now my questions to you are;

1. How do I keep the connection between MINA server and milage server keep
open and keep sending new milage requests on that same opened connection?
2. How does MINA server works with multiple ports on milage server?
3. How does the connection pooling and thread management will be working
between MINA server and milage server? Also between MINA server and its
clients (in my case these may be EJB calls)?

I really do appreciate your help. Thanks.
(See attached file: pcm.jar)
Sadat Karim
Information Technology
Schneider National, Inc.
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