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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject Re: ProtocolSession attributes race condition
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2005 23:58:57 GMT
Hi Barry,

What do you think about using sessionCreated event handler?


2005/7/21, Barry Kaplan <>:
> I am using the attributes on ProtocolSession to add in domain specific
> session extensions (ie, Quickfix Sesison's). Of course I can only set
> these attributes after the ProtocolSession is created. But within the
> call to ProtocolConnector.connect, ProtocolHandler.sessionOpened gets
> invoked. The implementation for quickfix requires the attributes that
> have not yet been set. It seems that the invocation of
> ProtocolHandler.sessionOpened is async, since the attributes are missing
> only intermittently.
> Is there another way to poke the attributes into the session before any
> callbacks are invoked?
> In a previous impl (that I just got done ripping out last night) I would
> create a new instance of QuickfixProtoclHandler for each mina session.
> But I thought it would be cleaner to use the attibutes. Do I need to go
> back to the previous impl?
> --
> barry kaplan

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