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From Nick Faiz <>
Subject Re: logging: apacheds as a standalone server and an embedded server
Date Fri, 29 Jul 2005 04:07:41 GMT
Great - thanks for the reply.

I like the idea of having a separate dependency which handles the 
standalone functionality. It makes things very clean if you want to 
embed ApacheDS.

Is it possible that we could push the common server functionality into 
core? There are already a lot of modules in Apache DS. It makes things 
seem complex.

This way, main would be used for standalone configuration. Core would 
hold everything needed to make the server run.


Trustin Lee wrote:
> Hi Nick,
> 2005/7/28, Nick Faiz < <>>:
>     Does this sound reasonable to everyone? If so I'll file a JIRA issue and
>     attach the patch there.
> Yes, it sounds reasonable, and I have another idea.  Let's separate 
> apacheds-main into two subprojects: apacheds-server and apacheds-main.  
> It would be nice if we can extract some core classes from apacheds-main 
> into apacheds-server and make apacheds-main just a simple frontend which 
> generates installable tarball by default.
> Trustin
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