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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [bdbje] [Licensing] Open Source verses Commercial Use
Date Sun, 24 Jul 2005 23:20:59 GMT
Rex Wang wrote:

>Alex Karasulu said:
>>Company A decides to integrate Apache Directory Server which
>>now uses JE into their product which they sell.
>>Does the license for JE require company A to have to license
>>JE from SleepyCat?
>Apache Directory Server is considered to be the application that
>uses Berkeley DB Java Edition, not Company A's product.
>Therefore, Company A can include the Apache Directory Server in
>their products, as permitted under the Apache Software License
>and the Sleepycat Software Open Source License, with no
>requirement for any other Sleepycat Software license.
>OpenLDAP uses the C version of Berkeley DB in precisely the same
>If Company A were to modify the Apache Directory Server, or to
>extract Java Edition code from ADS for use in another
>application, and wanted to redistribute the modified ADS or
>other application to a 3rd party, then Company A would either
>have to make their code available under some Open Source
>license, or purchase a commercial license from Sleepycat
>There are several other Apache Software Foundation projects that
>use the Berkeley DB family of products.  Alex, it is our hope
>that you continue to use Berkeley DB Java Edition within
>Apache Directory Server.
The Apache Directory Server can be extended in several ways to offer 
different kinds of products.  For example it can have modules added to 
it or stored procedures added etc.  The question is, what constitutes 
enough change to warrant having Company A have to license Berkeley DB 
JE?  Are such changes those that alter existing Apache DS classes?


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