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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: Anyone know how to get custom html views to show multivalued attribute?
Date Sat, 23 Jul 2005 18:45:19 GMT wrote:

> Hi Alex
>> I guess this is really a question for Chris Betts more than anyone 
>> else.  Since it is probably going to incubate I figure this is a good 
>> place to ask about it ;). 
> I keep hassling 'em about the transfer - the wheels grind exceeding 
> slow, but they are grinding... :-)

Good because I can't wait.  I really love JXPlorer and how easy it is to 
extend it.  You did a great job here.

>> I'm trying to create custom views with JXPlorer using the html form 
>> mechanism.  Everything is great however I'm a little stumped by the 
>> multivalued attribute problem.  Meaning how do I use an html form to 
>> allow for user interaction with multivalued attributes?  I'm begining 
>> to think there might not be a way to do this and that I may have to 
>> resort to using a custom view for JXPlorer.  Is this the case Chris?
> *cough*.  The html multi-attribute problem is an old one.  It's more 
> Trudi's area than mine, but from memory we decided that while we would 
> allow the *display* of multiple attributes in an html form, allowing 
> the user to *add* new attributes was just too much like hard work, and 
> we would insist on them using the table display (or custom plugins) 
> for that sort of stuff.

Ok I figured that much.  The display of multiple attributes is working 
really well with the HTML forms.  It's just as you say to add an 
additional multivalued attribute value you have to use another means 
like the table editor.

> I think Trudi put in some special code to allow it in some very 
> specific circumstances, but I don't recall the details?  (Trudi?)
> The html display is actually aimed at unsophisticated users who would 
> like to use forms to interact with a directory - it's not really a 
> general purpose tool to do everything.  If you're trying to do really 
> clever things you should use a plugin...

Yeah that was my next step.  The HTML thingy was just a show em what can 
be.  Then the next real move will be to use plugins.

> Of course, a not insignificant part of the html code was written last 
> millenium back in the java 1.1 days, so if anyone is keen to do a 
> top-to-bottom rewrite...? *looks hopeful*...

Thanks Chris that helped understand where I must now go with this little 
pet company project I'm doing.


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