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From Barry Kaplan <>
Subject ProtocolSession attributes race condition
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2005 19:32:48 GMT
I am using the attributes on ProtocolSession to add in domain specific 
session extensions (ie, Quickfix Sesison's). Of course I can only set 
these attributes after the ProtocolSession is created. But within the 
call to ProtocolConnector.connect, ProtocolHandler.sessionOpened gets 
invoked. The implementation for quickfix requires the attributes that 
have not yet been set. It seems that the invocation of 
ProtocolHandler.sessionOpened is async, since the attributes are missing 
only intermittently.

Is there another way to poke the attributes into the session before any 
callbacks are invoked?

In a previous impl (that I just got done ripping out last night) I would 
create a new instance of QuickfixProtoclHandler for each mina session. 
But I thought it would be cleaner to use the attibutes. Do I need to go 
back to the previous impl?

barry kaplan

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