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Subject Re: Anyone know how to get custom html views to show multivalued attribute?
Date Sat, 23 Jul 2005 11:18:18 GMT
Hi Alex 

> I guess this is really a question for Chris Betts more than anyone else.  
> Since it is probably going to incubate I figure this is a good place to 
> ask about it ;). 

I keep hassling 'em about the transfer - the wheels grind exceeding slow, 
but they are grinding... :-) 

> I'm trying to create custom views with JXPlorer using the html form 
> mechanism.  Everything is great however I'm a little stumped by the 
> multivalued attribute problem.  Meaning how do I use an html form to allow 
> for user interaction with multivalued attributes?  I'm begining to think 
> there might not be a way to do this and that I may have to resort to using 
> a custom view for JXPlorer.  Is this the case Chris?

*cough*.  The html multi-attribute problem is an old one.  It's more Trudi's 
area than mine, but from memory we decided that while we would allow the 
*display* of multiple attributes in an html form, allowing the user to *add* 
new attributes was just too much like hard work, and we would insist on them 
using the table display (or custom plugins) for that sort of stuff.  I think 
Trudi put in some special code to allow it in some very specific 
circumstances, but I don't recall the details?  (Trudi?) 

The html display is actually aimed at unsophisticated users who would like 
to use forms to interact with a directory - it's not really a general 
purpose tool to do everything.  If you're trying to do really clever things 
you should use a plugin... 

Of course, a not insignificant part of the html code was written last 
millenium back in the java 1.1 days, so if anyone is keen to do a 
top-to-bottom rewrite...? *looks hopeful*... 

  - Chris 

> Alex 
> P.S. This is really not that far off topic.

Dr Christopher Betts
Melbourne, Australia 

Wer mit Ungeheuern kämpft, mag zusehn,
dass er nicht dabei zum Ungeheuer wird.
                           - Nietzsche 

(Who fights Monsters must beware,
     lest in doing so they become one) 

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