2005/6/8, Horia Muntean <horia.muntean@gmail.com>:

How does session.write() behave in case of buffer full situations? Is
it still an asynchronous call? Does it throw any exceptions?
The write request if buffered to MINA internal queue and flushed when socket write buffer has any room.  It doesn't block or throw any exceptions for now.  You'll have to set write timeout to prevent OutOfMemoryError.

There are other questions as well:
1. How does session.getConfig().setWriteTimeout(seconds) come into
play here and what happens if is not set?
If set WriteTimeoutException will be thrown if no data is being written to socket for the specified time.  If not, nothing will be thrown.

2 .What is the diff between sessionCreated and sessionOpened callbacks?
sessionCreated is always called inside MINA I/O thread.  sessionOpened is also called inside MINA I/O therad is you don't use thread pool filter, but it is called at pool thread if you do.  So you can use sessionCreated to do something before actual I/O starts.
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