Hi Johannes,

2005/6/1, Johannes Zillmann <jz8_blue@yahoo.de>:
Dear mina-developers,

i'm starting to use mina and it looks really fine!
Have a little question:
Is there a reason why registerMessageType(..) and
deregisterMessageType(..) from DemuxingIoHandler are
of protected visibility ?
Couldn't they used for "on-fly binding" of message
objects with message handlers ?
It's a good idea.  But we'll have to make those two methods thread-safe.  I'll add a JIRA issue soon.  It'll be fixed at 0.7.2.
PS: Is the support of a simple java object
serialization codec for next version (0.9 ?) still
planned like promoted in the tutorial ?
Yes, it will be implemented for 0.9.  But not in the very near future. :)
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