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From Evgeniy Sinev <>
Subject Re: [dhcp] Summer of code
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2005 21:52:33 GMT
> Sounds interesting.  We don't have any DHCP support yet.  Most protocol
> stack is built upon MINA (a network application framework).  MINA currently
> supports only NIO transport (which doesn't support multicast).  You'll have
> to implement BIO (old socket I/O) support for MINA and then build DHCP
> protocol on top of MINA.  Then integrating protocol with ApacheDS will be
> great. 

To send broadcast or multicast packets in NIO:
 aDatagramChannel.socket().setBroadcast(true) ; // set broadcast flag
 aDatagramChannel.send(aByteBuffer, new
InetSocketAddress("", PORT) ;

On Linux system, without default router, sending broadcast packets 
throw "Network is unreachable" exception. This apply to BIO too. The
broadcast messages sending only on interface that have default router.

May I put multicast or broadcast address to MINA via
Session.setAttribute(..) method?

Evgeniy Sinev

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