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From "Mary Miller" <>
Subject Summer of Code Application
Date Sun, 12 Jun 2005 19:59:16 GMT

Per request from Alex, I am posting a request for help to apply for the 
Summer of Code program. In particular, how should I fill out the form at:

For my technical background, I have created a secure webmail website using 
Ant, Apache, Courier-IMAP, daemontools, djbdns, Java Mail, Kerberos, Netcat, 
OpenLDAP, OpenSSH, OpenSSL, Perl, PHP, Python, qmail, Red Hat Linux, S/MIME, 
SASL, Squirrelmail, Stunnel, TMDA, Tomcat, and UCSPI-TCP.

I used Cyrus SASL and the GSSAPI interface to store the webmail user 
passwords securely in Kerberos instead of Berkeley DB. I would be delighted 
to work with Kerberos, but the other protocols are just as interesting.

I appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance,
Mary Miller

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