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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject Re: [apacheds] Which logging framework?
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2005 01:08:28 GMT

2005/6/29, Emmanuel Lecharny <>: 
> > The Directory Server is not an app server, but do keep in mind that when 
> we are embedding, the better citizen that we can be in that embedded 
> environment, the better. And we also have components of our own, since as 
> triggers, stored procedures, etc.
> Guys, actually a lot of the Apache DS code is based on commons-log,
> other parts rely on java.util.logging, and the remaining use log4j.

 I believe ApacheDS can be used for both embedded and standalone purporse 

>>From *my* point of view, log4j is perfect for what we are doing
> actually.
> Now, answering Trustin question, using java.util.logging doesn't seems
> *to me* a very good idea. It has the same drawback than log4j - cf Marc
> & Noel answers - and it does not compare with log4j in term of
> fonctionality, or tooling.

 It looks like java.util.logging is less convinient than Log4J or 

If I have to make a choice, based on what ApacheDS will be in two years,
> it may be :
> 1) commons-logging/Juli + log4j
> 2) log4j
> 3) java.util.logging

 If commons logging team is fixing the issue Stephane addressed as Noel 
mentioned, I'd like to go to the choice #1 because I believe commons logging 
is widely deployed and almost everyone knows how to use it.
 Actually I don't think the dynamic loading issue is not really critical 
because we already know about it IMHO.
what we call human nature is actually human habit

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