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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject Re: is a org.apache.ldap.server.configuration.Configuration required in every JNDI connection?
Date Tue, 21 Jun 2005 00:07:52 GMT

2005/6/21, Alex Karasulu <>:
> >    I understand that the configuration object can be gained from the
> > Spring context but how will a remote client access it? Surely the
> > client shouldn't have to know a thing about the configuration of the
> > server, so long as it fulfills the general contract of behaving as an
> > LDAP client? :) If I've misunderstood something, please let me know.

As Tony mentioned, configuration object is not related with remote
clients.  You'll have to specify three mandatory JNDI properties:


> >
> If I remember correctly only the apacheds specific configuration
> information has been put into the configuration object. The JNDI
> information still has to be put in there I thought.  If not we have an
> issue because this will cause problems when using federation with the
> provider.
> Trustin was this the case?

I guess so.  But it seems like AbstractContextFactory requires
Configuration object even if it is already started up and users just
want to get initial context.  So I fixed it.

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