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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject Re: blocking/polling events?
Date Wed, 15 Jun 2005 07:22:35 GMT
Hi Barry,
 I applogize for the late reply.
 2005/6/14, Barry Kaplan 
> I would like to do away this extra level of queueing (for more reasons
> than I can list here). I could simply add a latch in the
> ProtocolHandler.messageReceived, but I'm not clear what that would mean
> to mina. Would mina get pissed that that its protocol thread(s) appear
> to be hung?

 MINA will work fine even if thread takes long time to process events. But 
There is a possibility that one thread handle more than two connection, and 
then other connection can starve because other connection's blocking.
 By default, thread pool filters adjusts its size automatically, and it will 
increase the size of pool to maximum size (default is 'unlimited', oops) if 
all threads are busy. So you'll have to be careful.
what we call human nature is actually human habit

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