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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject Re: [apacheds] Nestable InterceptorChains
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2005 13:53:11 GMT
The complexity of interceptor chain comes when we interpret the word 
'nested' as nested. Let's assume that there are two interceptor chains in 
top level chain. When we are using the word 'nested', it means something 
hierarchical. So we can simply assume they are packaged like one interceptor 
and works as a unit. But it is not true. They are expanded like this:
 A -> A1 -> A2 -> B -> B1 -> B2 -> B3
 A and B are interceptor chains and Ax and By are their childrens. Hierarchy 
has no meaning here actually like above.
 The most significant problem is to decide whether the nested chain is 
interpreted as a chain, and therefore can work as 'before' and 'after' 
pointcut. For example, if you added chain A as a 'after' pointcut, here is 
new execution order:
 A -> B -> B1 -> B2 -> B3 -> A1 -> A2
 This completly breaks the meaning of 'nested', so it brings a lot of 
complication. They are not nested actually, and makes the execution order 
 Instead we could add a set of interceptors as a set of 
InterceptorConfigurations. Here is the example:
 MutableStartupConfiguration cfg = new MutableStartupConfiguration();
 Set interceptorSet = GroupedInterceptor.INTERCEPTOR_SET;
 cfg.setInterceptors( cfg.getInterceptord().addAll(interceptorSet) );
 2005/6/13, Marc Boorshtein <>: 
> So as in a "package" of interceptors? For instance there are 4 or 5
> interceptors that are "default" interceptors, so that you could say in
> your configuration:
> server.interceptors=default,myinterceptor1,myinterceptor2,...
> and default would be a pre-configured (or user configured) chain? The
> alternative would be
> server.interceptors=controls
> ,schema,authorization,...,myinterceptor1,myinterceptor2,...
> I could see where that would be usefull when packaging several
> intercepts as a single unit. The default interceptors can either be
> hardcoded or there can be a "hardcoded.props" to store all
> configuration for a base system.
> I haven't looked on this roadmap, is there a GUI in the works? I
> suppose that would simplify the configuration.

 There's no GUI works yet. I'm working on making ApacheDS configurable 
easily via Spring Framework.
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