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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject Re: Converting from netty2 question
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2005 05:36:26 GMT
Hi Barry,

2005/6/10, Barry Kaplan <>: 
> But I can't figure out one thing. With netty, quickfixj would save off its 
> netty Session instances, and on a timer would check if they have dropped 
> their connection. If so it would invoke Session.start().
> Is there any corresponding capability in mina? I'm using the 
> ProtocolConnector, but it does not seem to retain the socket address after 
> the invocation to connect. (Where netty Session did retain this 
> information.) Am I going to have to create a little class to hold onto the 
> socket address for reconnection?

 You're right. I removed Session.start() method. I added IoConnector 
instead. Here is the example code:
 public void sessionClosed( ProtocolSession session ) throws Exception
 // Wait for five seconds before reconnecting; you'll have to perform 
reconnection in other
 // thread actually. I just slept here for brevity.
 Thread.sleep( 5000 ); 
  // Reconnect.
 connector.connect( session.getRemoteAddress(), this );
 Possibly you'd better to extract this code to a method like 'reconnect()' 
so that it can reusable in more than one place.
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