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From Enrique Rodriguez <>
Subject Re: Summer of Code Application
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2005 06:30:55 GMT
Hey, Alex,

I was reviewing the Summer of Code thread, below.  I'd like to make sure 
this info gets captured and kept better up to date in JIRA.  Can I get 
some projects created?  Namely:

1)  Directory DNS (DIRDNS)
2)  Directory DHCP (DIRDHCP)

The rest of the thread seems to fall pretty well into existing projects.


Alex Karasulu wrote:
> Enrique Rodriguez wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Regarding the Summer of Code, I'll add a few points on ApacheDS 
>> projects and repeat what Trustin noted, for completeness.
> Kudos to you Enrique for getting to this.  I was just about to try to 
> summarize the candidate projects as promised to Mary in an email.  
> Thanks!  Let me put some links to the repository where people can 
> actually start looking at the code to get some traction.  Please look in 
> line for links to svn ...
>> 1)  DHCP - DHCP codecs work, but without broadcast support in MINA 
>> and, fundamentally, in NIO, there isn't much to be done here until 
>> NIO2 in (hopefully) JDK 1.6.  I stopped here, so the handler workflow 
>> isn't totally complete, but should be straight-forward once MINA/NIO 
>> supports broadcast.  I consider this code dead until then and not a 
>> worthwhile project.
> No common code yet!
>> 2)  DNS - DNS codecs and workflow are in good shape.  As Trustin 
>> mentioned, the handlers need to get wired into the ApacheDS backing 
>> store.  Right now I have the handler stubbed out to simply echo the 
>> DNS query as the response, but it is actually decoding and encoding.  
>> Some time ago Alex added the DNS schema to the ApacheDS backend, so 
>> that should be ready to go.  This is seriously only a couple days 
>> work, but we put it on hold for a number of other initiatives and lack 
>> of demand.  What's missing, but probably not worth a summer of work, 
>> are the myriad of RFC's that add record types.  I coded in the most 
>> widely used ones, the ones supported by the schema, such as A and MX, 
>> but there are quite a few more.
> No common code yet!
>> 3)  Kerberos - Kerberos is also mostly working, and tested for interop 
>> with Windows and Linux.  The major feature missing from RFC 1510 is 
>> cross realm authentication, aka trust relationships.  I have this on 
>> my plate already, and it is mostly backend work, figuring out now how 
>> I want to lay this out in the DIT.  From more recent clarifications 
>> documents, we are missing more modern encryption types, but these look 
>> to be basic assembly based on crypto in the JDK or Bouncy Castle.
> Protocol Provider (MINA):
> Shared (Common Code):
>> 4)  NTP - NTP is pretty much done.  It really just needs to be wired 
>> into the ApacheDS server at some point.  One possible project here is 
>> NTP authentication.  I didn't do any work on that, but the field is 
>> supported by the codecs.  NTP has no configuration, so part of tying 
>> it into ApacheDS would be to at least make the port configurable.

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