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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: Creating a sniffer with MINA for tests purposes
Date Tue, 21 Jun 2005 17:36:34 GMT
Tony Blanchard wrote:

> Hello to the list.
> I tried to make a sniffer to hear what was on between my ldap client 
> and apacheds and I used Mina 0.9-SNAPSHOT to do this.
> I can hear what my client asks but only when the ldap server is down. 
> It seems that once a connection is opened on localhost:10389 (my conf)
> the other can not bind to the socket address.
> As I am not a network specialist, could you please tell me in what 
> direction to look for a solution. Maybe I should not use an IoAcceptor 
> to sniff the connection ?
> Maybe I missed something really easy ?

Yeah use ethereal :).  Seriously why don't you do that Tony.  I'm sure 
you can use a simple filter easily in Mina to do this but why bother 
unless you have an application other than inspecting the data.  Is that 
the case?


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