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From Tony Blanchard <>
Subject Re: Adding a LDAP schema definition.
Date Sat, 18 Jun 2005 13:01:53 GMT
Yes, I saw that yesterday evening.

At first time I did not know where the error was.
But now it is sure JXPlorer ans apacheds are ok. It was my own 
configuration error...

Know I can compile my schemas separatly from apache ds core and declare 
it in the server configuration file.
JXPlorer shows the right added Objects and atts.

Thanks for the given help and details
Tony Blanchard

Chris Betts a écrit :

> Hi Tony,
>     I think you've already been well answered by others; but for  
> question one, yes, JX should show you the new object class when  
> creating a new entry - JX doesn't have much 'built in' schema.  To  
> double check, you can browse the schema that JX has read from the  
> directory using the right hand 'schema' tab in the left tree view  
> pane.  Also remember that you will need to reconnect to re-read the  
> schema, as JX caches it when it first connects (*cough* the reason  
> for the connection being a bit slow).
>    - Chris
> On 17/06/2005, at 6:01 PM, Tony Blanchard wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I tried to add a new type of object in LDAP by adding a schema and  I 
>> found that it needs to be compiled with core apacheds project.
>> First question, my schema is correctly compiled but my new object  
>> does not appears in JXPlorer objectclass choice when creating new  
>> entry.
>> Is it normal or JXPlorer should find my schema definition in server  
>> and then show me my new object ?
>> Second question, is there any means to compile it separatly from  the 
>> apacheds project and add the schema definition dynmically on  server 
>> startup?
>> Thanks
>> Tony Blanchard

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