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From Tony Blanchard <>
Subject Re: Adding a LDAP schema definition.
Date Sat, 18 Jun 2005 06:23:55 GMT
I just tried it and it works.
I did not know that on classpath and jar options but there were no 
message on it... As I never work in command line.

I have a subsidiary question related to this thread.
Why not separating bootstrap functionnalities from core ? This would be 
more faster to compile core this would be easier to understand schema's 
If you are interested in, I made a maven project wich is separated from 
core. The only thing to change is to put bootstrap classes in it instead 
of making a dependency to core...

Tell me for that,
Thanks again,
Tony Blanchard

Trustin Lee a écrit :

> Tony,
> 2005/6/18, Tony Blanchard < <>>:
>     java -classpath c:\MyJarPath\MyJar.jar -jar
>     c:\apachedsMainPath\apacheds-main-0.9.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
>     C:\ConfFilePath.xml 
> -classpath and -jar option cannot be specified together.  -classpath 
> option will be ignored.  Could you please do like this?
> java -cp myjar.jar;apacheds-main.jar org.apache.ldap.server.ServerMain 
> conffile.xml
> I hope this helps you.
> Trustin
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> what we call human nature is actually human habit
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