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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [general] Using OSGi with ApacheDS (was Re: Summer of Code Application)
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2005 00:05:37 GMT
I thought I'd open up a separate thread wrt using an OSGi based container. 

Alex Karasulu wrote:

> 13). Possible IoC Container Strategy
> ApacheDS does not use a container and we have tried to be container 
> independent to avoid introducing specificities.
> We want the server to be as embeddable as possible WRT the existing 
> containers out there.  Hence we do not want say the Geronimo folks to 
> have to introduce container specific code if they want to embed 
> ApacheDS.  Plus we don't want protocol implementors and committers on 
> the core to have to worry about learning a new container and its 
> semantics.  Things are already hard.
> If we can keep the container code separated from the core then perhaps 
> we can ship with a default container for the final executable 
> service.  Why try? We loose a lot not having a default container.  
> What do we loose:
> Aspects like ...
> o management interfaces
> o logging
> o configuration
> o hot deployment of components
> o ...
> Right now Enrique has attracted my attention to OSGi.  He makes 
> excellent points about it.  It's the container of choice for embedding 
> in appliances and other devices.  Plus it's got a written 
> specification to it endorsed by major companies like IBM, Cisco and 
> many others.  This is what makes it unique in comparison to the 
> Geronimo GBeans, Spring and other Avalon, ComponentHaus productions.  
> All these containers are great btw so I'm not putting them down and we 
> still reserve the right to integrate with them as well.  However OSGi 
> seems like the best candidate to Enrique and I.

Thoughts, comments?

BTW OSGi is a spec and many container implementations exist out there.  
That's just one of the many reasons why it is so attractive.  Enrique 
has pointed me to the Oscar and Knopplerfish implementations. 

Some folks in both these communities were interested in the idea of an 
ASF based implementation.  Perhaps we can cross post or get some 
specific email addresses to include these people.


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