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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [Infrastructure] JIRA SVN Integration (was Re: [apacheds] Nestable InterceptorChains)
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2005 22:02:04 GMT
Marc Boorshtein wrote:

>As a side note, in the past when I have worked with Jira i have used a
>nice system that takes my checkin comments and adds them to the
>approriate jira issue (this was with perforce, not subversion though I
>would think the same could be done).  This made it easy to find
>information about particuler checkins because each comment was linked
>to both an issue and a revision and made documentation easier as i
>could go through the auto generated release notes and see if there was
>any new features that needed documenting.  If you would like I can try
>to dig up the perforce script (I think it was in perl) that was used
>for this integration.  I know a couple of other Jira/Perfoce customers
>that did this integration as well.
Good idea this would make for a useful way to associate commits with 
JIRA issues.  It might work well with hook scripts in SVN combined with 
JIRA developer interfaces.  Don't know if we turn these on though in our 
ASF JIRA because of security reasons.  Exposing these interfaces to only 
local interfaces or certain clients may be convinciing enough to 

Also you might want to check with the folks on the #svn channel or 
mailing list to see if they already have something in the works.

Good luck and thanks,

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