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From Barry Kaplan <>
Subject blocking/polling events?
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2005 16:52:41 GMT
Quickfix sessions support blocking and polling of message handling. The 
current implementation does this by receiving the messages (in mina 
terms by ProtocolHandler.messageReceived) and storing them in a qeueu. 
It then provides other method (block, poll) that process these messages 
from the queue to implement the desired synchronous behavior.

I would like to do away this extra level of queueing (for more reasons 
than I can list here). I could simply add a latch in the 
ProtocolHandler.messageReceived, but I'm not clear what that would mean 
to mina. Would mina get pissed that that its protocol thread(s) appear 
to be hung?

I don't fully grok the mina code yet, but I see that, for example, 
IoAdapter maintains its own message queue. So I suspect I should not be 
worried about tcp getting backed up, no?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

barry kaplan

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