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From Barry Kaplan <>
Subject Converting from netty2 question
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2005 18:49:04 GMT
I'm converting the quicfixj from netty2 to mina and [think] I am nearly done. (BTW, I did not
write the orignal netty2 layer for quickfixj, so I'm learning as I go.) 

But I can't figure out one thing. With netty, quickfixj would save off its netty Session instances,
and on a timer would check if they have dropped their connection. If so it would invoke Session.start().

Is there any corresponding capability in mina? I'm using the ProtocolConnector, but it does
not seem to retain the socket address after the invocation to connect. (Where netty Session
did retain this information.) Am I going to have to create a little class to hold onto the
socket address for reconnection?

barry kaplan

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