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Subject Re: Testing my embedded server
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2005 01:04:39 GMT
>>    I suspect there may be a problem with non-string data?  things  that 
>> are simply base64 encoded (e.g. userPassword) seem to work fine. 
> There may be an issue where it's not being treated as binary data.  That's 
> my guess but I'll have to play a little.

You probably know all this already, but I've been caught out in the past on 
the destinction between 'LDAP binary' (e.g. ASN1 encoded) data, and 'non 
ascii' (e.g. octet string) data... jpeg photos aren't ASN1 of course, but 
I've been caught before by situations where some 'non ascii' data types 
(e.g. certificates) were working fine, while others (e.g. images) weren't.  
I don't know if Apacheds handles/stores ANS1 data any differently - some 
directories do :-). 

 - Chris

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