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From Marc Boorshtein <>
Subject Thoughts on interceptors
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2005 10:14:32 GMT
I just finished writing a couple of interceptors and I
have a few thoughts:

1.  I know that the system is designed around JNDI,
but JNDI was built as a client API and was not
designed to be a server abstraction.  This becomes an
issue if you've built some kind of a mapping
interceptor which maps attributes from one name to
another.  The problem is that the basic Attribute
interface does not provide for changing name of the
attribute instance.  In order to do a rename you need
to remove the attrbute and create a new one.  This
seems like a lot of extra work when a "setID(Strng
name)" method would work nicely.

2.  I was never able to figure out how to configure a
custom interceptor chain.  I instead created my own
main method and then added to the newDefaultChain
method inside of it.  This worked, but is not
preferable.  I thought I saw in jira that chains were
user configurable, but I could not figre out how.  Was
I mistaken?

3.  Just as with partitions the BasicInterceptor
doesn't contain a bind method.  I think I was pretty
clear on my thoughts on this in my last thread :-).

Otherwise it only took me about 3 hours to put
together 2 interceptors.  Very nice!


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